Cyndi climbs with friends.

Right now your ‘what’s the point?’ is simple. You are! Your health is everything and discomfort is not a natural state. You deserve to eat well and feel good and get over your mountain to find hope and joy with a new way of doing things.

Start with getting the real good stuff in – bone broth. Yes, it’s big these days and for very good reason. Why only eat the muscle meat of an animal when there are superior nutrients in the marrow of bones?  Too graphic? Our far and near ancestors never wasted any part of a hunt.

Yes, I know, we’ve moved far from cave survival to technology and health keeping us alive much longer. Yet, interestingly, despite all aspects of our modern life being an improvement over the cave, levels of depression and anxiety are high and on the rise. Why? Because we no longer have to fight to stay alive, except for the diseases we are causing ourselves with all the toxins in our food, water, soil, sea and air.

Are you trudging up the mountain range of change dragging old habits? Trying to stuff new ones into your heavy pack? Or, have you lain down – too tired for the view or to appreciate the journey? Whatever state you are in, I KNOW it’s DIFFICULT. This blog is about getting our grown-up pants on and facing up to our detox stage.

One of my daily struggles, with my unstoppable thinking mind, is focusing on ‘what’s the point?’ especially when I’m tired. My ‘point’ is sharing my studies and knowledge to help people. But, I didn’t start there. I started stressed and kilos and kilos too heavy from toxic processed ‘comfort’ food – from dealing with grief and stress. Ironically, of course, that food gave me no comfort just a guts full!.

I climbed my mountain with education and hope. Now, I eat real food for real comfort. I take my knowledge everywhere with me. In my regular cafes, I have relationships with the owners and staff and they happily construct dishes to suit me. One of my favourite dishes at my local cafe, Gather Cafe in Silverdale, is from their breakfast menu ‘breakfast greens’. I choose foods that don’t cause inflammation, and because my system is not under pressure, I can handle a Keto cuppa coffee made with oil and butter! And, I can be sure they use only the good oils, no oils like cottonseed or canola, yuk!

Do it yourself detox bone-broth.

Gut healing can be done with glutamine – this is the collagen-building amino acid that repairs the stomach and gut. The dietary sources of glutamine include the protein-rich foods like beef, chicken, fish, dairy products, eggs, vegetables like beans, beets, cabbage, spinach, carrots, parsley, vegetable juices and also in wheat, papaya, Brussels sprouts, celery, kale and fermented foods like sauerkraut and coconut yoghurt.

Glutamine is found in the marrow of the bones, when extracted it’s called collagen or gelatin – it is in green vege in smaller amounts. Gelatin comes about because people rarely eat the skin and tendons raw – they cook them. Cooking collagen transforms it into gelatin – it’s the way we can eat the beneficial amino acids in the collagen.


Okay health friends, here are your steps to getting the good stuff in (remember it’s time to get your grown-up pants on).

    • Step 1
    • Plan and set up healing days on your calendar – initially two days a week.
    • Step 2
    • Get your fridge full of fruit and veges.
    • Step 3
    • During the two days juice or smoothie your veges to keep the nutrients going into your body as often as you can. Or, try Supreme Green Blend, which is best mixed with a nice berry-vege smoothie. Fill your refill cup with vege juice and sip all day.
    • Step 4
    • Make bone broth or try this bone broth. This is a great article about bone broth here. Sip this all day too.
    • Step 5
    • Eat green vegies – both raw and steamed – nice fresh leafy greens, microgreens and steamed broccoli, Bok Choy, courgette, cauliflower…
    • Step 6
    • Introduce fermented foods to increase the diversity of the gut bacteria colonies like: coconut yoghurt, sauerkraut and kefir water. Check out this article on bifodo.
    • Step 7
    • Try and think green and fresh for all meals. And, expect your body to react as you go through the detox stage. That’s why I say just start with two days.

    You deserve great health every day and into your old age. So, get your detox on, avoid food that’s made up of toxins. And call me if you need support sticking to your detox diet. I can help.