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Jocelyns quote – “I’m home – through – growing, eating, healing”.

The quest for wellbeing


As we go through the seasons of our life, traditional diets and the exercises we were once doing stop producing the desired results. It’s incredibly common to get to a point in our life of feeling frustrated, tired and sore, and wondering what happened to our energy.

We all know our bodies go through a whole lot of changes as we progress through life. Thats a fact of life. But the resulting issues aren’t necessarily ones we have to accept.

Jocelyn J Murray is, among many other things, a functional nutrition consultant, and her intuitive style of healing comes from years of growing a garden, using and observing the results of the medicinal powers of plants and herbs. She started Grow Eat Heal to help people with the changing needs of our bodies as we age, especially when it becomes super critical for both men and women to eat the right foods and exercise the right way for our age and stage in life.

Jocelyn is certified as a Functional Nutrition Consultant, Health advocate and a studying Traditional Herbalist. Her unique, whole body solutions combine modern health practices with a deep understanding of the living earth and incredible healing properties of plants. Sourcing premium quality organic herbs in small quantities from around the world, she blends them for teas, tinctures and balms. Grow Eat Heal solutions are natural, effective and kind to all.



Intuitive healing style


Not only does Jocelyn use the powerful knowledge of what she’s working with, she also draws from her own health and life experiences – the intuitive, functional and academic credentials – that many health experts lack. And she has them in spades. 

Fired with an energy fed by knowledge, belief and courage, Jocelyn is passionate about getting people on the path to a more harmonious life because, she says, “I don’t want women – and men too – in their 40’s and 50’s to miss the opportunity to turn the corner and keep living a fabulous life!”

 While she actively gives ‘airy-fairy’ fantasies and ‘old wives tales’ a wide berth, she’s more than happy to research, consider and test combinations of real remedies that could result in positive outcomes for people.



Sharing good healthy food

Jocelyn’s lifelong fascination with vegetables and herbs began at the age of 12, when using the produce from her father’s garden she took over her mothers kitchen and taught herself to make meals from scratch. Learning how herbs and edible plants affected the human body later lead her down the path of developing her own remedies from her own purpose grown garden. 

Jocelyn writes…….

I seem to have a keen green touch in the garden and have a well-established, thriving vegetable garden that keeps the household in spray-free, fresh herbs and vegetables. I eat good, clean whole food, a wide variety of greens, bright fruits, herbs and spices and I know where it all comes from. If I don’t grow it, I try to visit the farm, or talk to the grower, at their market table. I want to share useful tips, recipes and ideas about food with others to helps us all on our journey towards being well and feeling alive.

 In some native languages the term for plants translates to ‘those who take care of us’  – Robin Wall Kimmerer


enjoy food you choose to eat, for all the reasons you eat

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