Eat to heal yourself

Eating For Good Health

Be well, look good, feel great, and get the rewards from life
that only optimum health can give you.


Healing your body with food

Together we can work out and maintain the best food, key nutrients and activity choices for you. Grow Eat Heal personalised health coaching will be with you on every step of your journey towards feeling alive, and well.

Every day brings new challenges into our lives. Our body systems determine how we feel, and how we face those opportunities. Eat for health, and learn how to provide yourself with the food, and actions that give your body what it needs for peak function.

Is your gastrointestinal tract giving you grief? Do you have persistent symptoms or niggling ailments? Do you need support with creating a healthy lifestyle? Grow Eat Heal is here for you with the tools to help you find a better way to eat and live life. We’re all about health and wellness.

Whole food and holistic wellbeing – our services

Eat for health. Learn to shop, grow, prepare, and eat everyday fresh foods. Our healthy eating tips, nutrition, and wellness guidance, diet coaching, support, and recipes will help you heal from the inside out. Feel healthy, happy, and confident as you eat your way back to good health.

Health & Wellness Coaching

Is your body performing as well as it could? You are unique. What food does your body need to get the most out of each and every day? Together we’ll work to find the food, and activity choices that best suit you.

Fitgenes DNA test

DNA testing is a pathway more people are following toward better general health, now and into the years ahead. Fitgenes can not only give you personalised solutions to manage immediate health challenges our genetic tests and programs also address long term personal goals relating to healthy ageing.

Functional lab testing

If you think you are eating well, and doing everything else possible to make health improvements, but find it difficult to get results, functional lab testing may help identify the issues contributing to your struggles.

herbal tea & good food products

Teas, artisan herbal teas (blended in house), other amazing tea blends, recipe books, organic products, probiotics, minerals and more. We sell a range of healthful products to help you reach your current and future health goals.

Health and wellbeing – it’s all about you

Is your goal to find a happy life balance, and feel the best you can be? I can help you do that. I’m here to inspire you to choose food that nourishes you, and to guide you to lifestyle choices that best support you. As your Functional Nutrition Consultant and Health coach I will share my experiences, and knowledge to help you make gradual lifelong changes, and begin feeling healthy, happy, and energised.


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