Eating For Good Health

Socrates says to his followers – ‘make your own health your first priority.

His words evoke the action –  “heal thyself”.

Jocelyn J Murray says “grow and eat to heal”. 

Healing your body with food

Grow Eat Heal, a brand that was created to reflect what we all desire – wellness for life. 

I’m Jocelyn Murray and I’ve been passionate about getting people on the path to a more healthy happy life since I first learnt how to use a saucepan. I dream to inspire and encourage wellness for everyone.

I say – eat for health, and learn how to provide yourself with the food, and take the actions that give your mind and body what it needs for peak functionality.

Check out the ‘Grow Eat Heal’ blogs, recipes, my wellness journal and an extensive on line wellness programme to help you find a better way to eat and live life.

We’re all about health and wellness.


Stress, alcohol, bad food choices, nutrient deficiency, drugs and prescription medication and environment all add to the changes in our  body

Reconnect with your body naturally, with whole foods and balanced lifestyle choices. Through our program learn how to eat food, and take actions that give your body what it needs for peak functionality.

Our easy online 30 day Wellness for Life programme guides you through the steps to great nutrition.  

30 Day Wellness for Life 

This programme is a direct pathway to health for life. 


What is the real issue? Do you feel sluggish, and sleepy and struggle to get through the afternoon without a sugar boost? Is your skin not looking at its best? Are you struggling with digestive problems? No matter what you try, does losing weight seem impossible? Are you more that easily irritated these days? Maybe you’ve noticed bloating? Are you getting more headaches, waking in the night, or is your memory not what it used to be?

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