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Eat well for life | Healthy living tips

Shop, grow, prepare and eat tasty, healthy food. Our nutrition, wellbeing and healthy living tips will teach you to heal from the inside out using everyday fresh foods. Know your own body and eat and live in a way that really works for you. Eat for health, eat for life.

Blog Series #2 Your gut needs you!

Why do intelligent people eat foods that cause bloating, fatigue, flatulence, pain, and the rest? Why is it difficult to pull away from these villainous foods full of toxins?  Your body, and brain, respond to the toxins with inflammation - don't live with it....

Cor, that’s mint for mind and body!

I love mint – the helpful herb of health. You don’t even need a green thumb to grow this ancient friend of the Aztecs. Once you get it into a pot, it’ll grow you proud. And, if you have a profusion of mint in your garden you can gaze at it with new appreciation....

how to make – chocolate chia pudding -with extra goodness

Spending time with a client, in her kitchen, is one of my favourite things to do. Things can go a bit wild, and we made some amazing chia puddings. Here's one of the recipes. So get creative and see what you can do with what you've got. This recipe gives you enough...

is rhubarb ok to eat raw? 5 reasons why.

I juiced rhubarb to make a juice smoothie - which is a juice blended with a bunch of foods like avocado, banana, mint, seeds or whatever you feel like.   so heres the thing; 1. Rhubarb is a vegetable, often classified as a fruit, because we eat the stem(or root or...

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