We all travel our own journeys

When I realised my husband was going to die and be gone forever, the immediate feeling of ‘poor me’ lasted for about two seconds. I very quickly realised I was being given an honour and a privilege.

I was being given the opportunity to travel with this beautiful man as he concluded this part of his life’s journey and hold him until his passing. To be able to bring the person I had loved so much for so long anything he wanted to help him on his journey was the best thing I’ll ever do in my life. And I’ll love him forever.

We talked, laughed and cried together during the weeks leading up to his passing. Nothing was left unspoken. We reassured each other. We thanked each other for the time that we shared on this part of our journey together through life. We wished each other the best life. There were no apologies left. His passing was momentously quiet.

I sat in the rebound of that for a year or so.

our life journey
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Life consists of many paths and side trips

A lot of people believe we only have one road to follow in our lives, but what they may not realise is that we can have several lives on the journey, and now is the first day of your next life.

The transition to my new life has been built on what has gone before, of course. My family and dear friends wrapped themselves around me, for which I’m so grateful. They cradled me close as I learned my new dance in life. I got to the big walks: Abel Tasman National Park, Tongariro and The Pinnacles. I put one foot in front of the other.

I also continued with my life’s passions: shopping, growing, preparing, and eating tasty, healthy food. Most of this was straightforward enough as I’d spent my life doing this.

Finding your path through this life

I started my home business Grow Eat Heal in 2017 to share my learnings and knowledge with other folks so they too could live their best lives. I wanted to share nutritional wellbeing tips and recipes to help others heal from the inside out using everyday fresh foods. I wanted to help others build knowledge of their own bodies and eat and live in a way that really works for them. I wanted them to enjoy their wellness journey.

Starting out on the journey

My healthy living journey started with my Mum’s sister, my Aunty Eunice. She constantly shared her ideas on nutrition, well-being, and what food was good for us. I began a search for credible nutritional information and now live what I have learned. I relish my own sense of well-being and truly enjoy living a healthier life and all the benefits it brings.

Every journey has road bumps

Life happens, and it can be fast. Sometimes we don’t take the time to stop and look around at what’s happening to our mind, body or soul. Sadly, although my interest in good food, nutrition, and well-being was always there, my healthy efforts were watered down for a while by years in a high-stress, responsibility-filled job. I suffered from hormone imbalance and irritated bowel syndrome, and eventually, I was driven into adrenal fatigue.

We all travel our own journey and make our own choices

In my transformation, I lost 22 kilograms, down from dress size 18 to 10, over 15 months. I focussed on dinner options with more vegetables, herbs, less meat and no packaged products. I eliminated store-made bread and dairy, started each morning with fruit, stopped eating numbers, reduced coffee and wine, and prepared meals with whole foods. I also started moving. Every day involved at least a 30-minute walk, or yoga or gym sessions.

Yet I also gave myself some slack, and on special occasions I would allow myself to eat and drink what I felt like. I have always been of the belief that it is what we did every day, not occasionally, that makes for healthy living. Even when my children were younger and got sugar-laden treats from Grandma, it was okay.

Am I there yet?

No, not yet. But my resilience has quadrupled and I’m growing and enjoying my journey to wellness way more. Why not travel with me?

Grow Eat Heal – helping you on your journey

I created Grow Eat Heal for those on their journey to wellness. On my journey, I’ve come to realise that what concerns me the most about food and dietary issues are the sickness and inflammatory diseases that many people suffer from caused by what we eat. I’m here to share my passion to help, inspire, and assist in providing a better life to those in need.

I offer products and services to help folk find optimum health from the inside out. I offer tea blends as symptom healers, promote good food as a way to heal the body and Fitgenes as a foundation for living your best life. Genetic testing provides a lifestyle approach specifically tailored to your genes so you can build knowledge of your body and eat and live in a way that really works for you. Nutrigenomics provide a way of creating intervention plans for good health for life. Dermapen4 microneedling treatments provide healing for irreversible skin damage.

Does your current path suit you?

We all travel our own wellness journeys and make our own choices. Who or what is influencing you about your own health and well-being? Does your wellness journey make sense for you? As you progressing well?

Why not take advantage of my articles on why olive oil is good for you, how useful sage is in your diet, and what makes leafy greens the food to include in your daily food choices? Our wellness journal will help you record your own progress to wellness. It gives you the time to stop and look around at what’s happening to your mind, body or soul and see the step-by-step progress you’re making on your journey.

Why not explore how DNA testing can put you on a pathway toward better health, now and into the future? Enjoy the healthy recipes that are easy to use for any meal as well as recipes for snacks, smoothies, juices, and treats.

I’m here to help you achieve goals and overcome health issues as you travel your life’s paths. Talk to me about how GrowEatHeal can be with you on your journey to wellness.

You deserve great health. So, call me if you need support, advice or tips on getting there.
I can help.

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