Your health for 2020

Since I was a young woman, 2020 has filled my imagination, almost gaining mythical importance in my life. I wish you could see me quiver writing this because 2020 is nearly here! I know in my bones that it’s going to be significant for me. Spending my life building businesses with people from all manner of professions, I have never been surer that helping people understand their health is my path.  On the cusp of 2019, going into 2020, I am thrilled to be doing the work of my heart, following my passion of bringing health advice to people, beautiful products to enjoy, and practices in life to give ease to our straining planet.

My anticipation for this New Year is enormous. However, I understand New Year’s can feel like a forced occasion with a huge emphasis on drinking and partying. And, it can be very lonely, alone and in a crowd, if you are not happy, not following your passion. I have always looked beyond any New Year’s Eve,   trying to anticipate a new year filled with hope and positive health-change.  I would wish that for you too.

You can book a consultation with me to get the healthy start to your new decade – you’ll receive my packed Wellness Journal free with your consultation. Here’s a recipe from the journal to use on the first day of 2020, begin as you mean to go on. Summer Fun Breakfast all made the day before, yum!  I support my clients with their health to make lifestyle changes and start healthy choices. I tailor it for you because we figure out what you need. You!

Wellness for you

I wish you the very best leaving this decade and embarking on the new.  I will continue my learning to remain on the cutting edge of gut and brain health.  I am committed to sharing my learning. Let’s embark on lifelong health learning together.  Happy New Year!!!

Summer Fun Breakfast, yum!

If you have any questions or want more ideas or wellness and you,
I’d love to hear from you.