Inspired by our recent Cyndi O’Meara and friends’ event, packed with people determined to educate themselves on what’s really in our food, I’m writing to support your health makeover. I consider Cyndi a hero, having had so much tragedy in her own family, she’s turned those harsh lessons into helping educate ourselves into health and vitality. We learned that Cyndi, when not relentlessly researching and creating Changing Habits organic foods we can really trust, (Youtube TEDx ) she climbs mountains around the world. She knows first-hand that change is a mountain most difficult to climb.

Let’s start your health makeover together, either with baby steps or stretching in a longer stride. Even positive change can be a mountain or a mountain range! Because as you attempt to change, you will need to examine your fears, your realities, your loves and it’ll be tough!  Sometimes you’ll be gasping and slipping back down the slope, but I can be there, a text, phone call or email away.

My change was tough but the results impressive. I lost 22 kilos over 15 months. Phew! Yes, I changed things drastically: my pantry, my household and body products, my garden, my home, my neighbours… My massive action gave me the energy and courage to start my nutrition studies and this month is the three-year anniversary of my graduation from the Nutrition Academy, Australia.

However, my journey began when I was a young girl with my wise aunt who grew, cooked and ate healthily. I learnt at her shoulder and tried my best with a big family of my own but then I stepped onto the corporate ladder.  My career never acknowledged my values and it ended up being so busy that I ran on empty, and then filled myself up with villainous comfort food.

I had no time to sit and admit I was eating to avoid my feelings. The feelings we face every day when we are a mother/father, sister/brother, wife/partner, friend, aunt/uncle, grandmother/pop, neighbour, mother/father-in-law, daughter/son-in-law etc, as well as a boss!

Work can take a lot and give a lot, but I learnt the hard way that it disappears leaving you high and dry with your health in shreds. I left the corporate world angry, afraid, and desperate for change.

Here is my advice to start you up your ‘mountain range of change’. The first step on your health makeover, you must lace up your boots of courage. Then, choose the mountain in the ‘range’ you will start with. This is usually the steep scrubby slope of admitting your current habits. This is why I created ‘My Wellness Journal’. You can use this to be honest with yourself and as action is crucial to motivation, you will gain momentum with the effort of recording. Remember, at any point on your health makeover journey, you can contact me. I will set you up with a private Facebook page and we can do it together.

Now, I recommend starting with small changes, like choosing a healthy tea to replace other drinks, or using this health packed smoothie recipe as your new breakfast.

Red oranges banana and beetroot smoothie Healthy food

Next, is educating yourself. A good place to start is a functional lab test to find out your specifics. We can find out many problems with the test. Check it out here.

Then, we must commit to fitness, physical and mental – to ensure we can battle clever advertising, marketing and scientist fiends encouraging and creating villainous foods that we simply can’t do without, yeah right! Most people don’t start until they are kilos and kilos overweight. This doesn’t matter because if your system is crying out for attention then you are ready. Bloating, fatigue, obesity (yep, it has to be faced) are some of the simpler effects.  Even the tiniest fitness step towards the mountain will help.

Now, if you have made bigger steps but are stuck half-way up the mountain dangling from a grappling hook ‘My Wellness Journal’ could answer. Contacting me definitely will answer and so will our next blog in the series on “How to eliminate foods and habits that cause inflammation? How to know if you have inflammation? Contact me if you need to know now!

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