Wellness for Life program-includes ‘my wellness journal’

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Wellness for life program is a 5 step process to creating and maintaining a healthier you.

Broken down into manageable steps, the program allows you to work through them at your own pace, taking advantage of extra tips and advice along the way

The Online program – a simple, 5 step process to creating and maintaining a healthier you. The Online Program is all about making lifelong changes that enable you to enjoy the best version of you. It has all the tools and resources you need to ensure you achieve success.

Access for life.

Includes a hard copy of ‘my wellness journal’ so you can write, reflect and learn as you go.


Reconnect with your body through natural, whole foods and balanced lifestyle choices. Every day brings new challenges into our lives. Eat for health, and learn how to provide yourself with the food, and actions that give your body what it needs for peak functionality. The ‘Wellness for life’ online program is loaded with guidance, recipes, a ‘where you’re at checklist’.

In Steps 1 and 2 of the program, you learn how to create healthy meals, which foods will provide your body with what it needs, and which foods should be avoided.

You’ll also get the book – ‘my wellness journal’ (author Jocelyn J Murray), bursting with top tips on food, recipes and 16 weeks of journalling pages to help you track your journey.