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Shop, grow, prepare, and eat tasty, healthy food. I’ll share nutritional wellbeing tips, and loads of recipes, so you learn to heal from the inside out using everyday fresh foods. Build knowledge of your own body. Eat, and live in a way that really works for you. Read about my healthy living journey, and the stories of others I’ve met along the way.

My Story – Jocelyn J Murray


My life journey has taken me to a place I call home – growing, eating, healing. 

The biggest inspiration on my food journey was Mum’s sister, my Aunty Eunice. She was the family health fanatic, and constantly shared her ideas on nutrition, wellbeing, and what food was good for us.  Everything from dandelion tea to fresh caught salmon from the Rakaia River in New Zealand’s South Island. I loved our discussions.

Even though I had already thrown the sugar, and white bread out of my own pantry, when my own children got sugar-laden treats from Grandma, it was okay, because I felt it was what we did every day, not occasionally, that upheld our family health.

I had never been convinced the meat, and three vegetable approach was the way to optimum health, and I began varying the dinner options with more vegetables, less meat and no packaged products.

My interest in good food, nutrition, and wellbeing continued, but years in a high-stress, responsibility-filled job in business watered down my healthy efforts. I suffered from hormone imbalance, irritated bowel syndrome, and eventually I was driven into adrenal fatigue. My weight was out of control. With a shopping trip that ended in tears, the realisation that something had to change was unavoidable.

I dug deep, worked on my belief system, returned to my true self, and changed my career path. I transformed my body, losing 22 kilograms, down from dress size 18 to10, over 15 months.

I had reviewed my diet, eliminated store made breads and dairy, stopped eating numbers, reduced coffee and wine, and I prepared meals with whole foods. I also started moving. Every day involved at least a 30-minute walk, yoga, and gym sessions were part of the weekly regime.

I spent more of my grocery budget on fruit, and vegetables. I resisted the supermarket, and shopped first at fruit shops for the vegetables, and herbs I wasn’t growing at home. I went to weekend markets for the variety, and organic choices. I then ate 10-14 pieces of fruit or vegetable every day, starting each morning with fruit. I tidied out my kitchen so I could work with new food choices. I planned healthy, inspirational menus, and made shopping lists to suit. So I didn’t let myself get hungry, and be tempted by food not on my choice food list, I never left the house without my own snacks. Yet I also gave myself some slack, and on special occasions I would allow myself to eat, and drink what I felt like.

On my own journey I’ve come to realise that what concerns me the most about food and dietary issues is the sickness and inflammatory disease that many people suffer from. And the crazy thing is, and what I have always suspected, these conditions are all about what we eat.

I began a search for credible nutritional information and now live what I have learnt. I relish my own sense of wellbeing and truly enjoy living a healthier life and all the benefits it brings.

You can too!

Feel healthy, energised, and confident as you eat your way back to good health.

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