Do you get stressed out at the tough of Christmas? I hope my list will help you enjoy a stress-free Christmas.

Does Christmas have to be all about stress? No matter what you do, or who you spend time with, I believe Christmas can work for you. Keeping it real, I know lots of people stress-out. Do some of these keep you from sleeping, or start you snapping?

  • consumer pressure to buy, and buy more
  • loneliness because there is no family
  • hurt and anger because family relationships are strained
  • making people happy
  • nowhere to go for a holiday
  • having to pack up and go away when you’re tired
  • driving all-around to visit family

Notice how some of these stresses are opposites e.g., family/no family, holiday/no holiday. My dream will be another person’s struggle and gratitude may be the answer.

My key to a stress-free Christmas

My journal writing is filled with gratitude lists to keep my thinking balanced and stress at bay. And, I try to write when my body is protesting with headaches and gut aches – to understand what’s triggering these reactions. I understand grief, with its many heads, influences how we feel and what we put into our bodies to help sadness. Since Christmas can be a time of excess, trying to smother strong feelings with unhealthy comfort food will end in tears or more hurt.

So, with 12 days till Christmas, the ambulance is at the top of the cliff. Here’s my Christmas safe list to help deal with overwhelming emotions, whether it’s ghastly grief or terrific tiredness

My Calming Christmas List

  • Be kind to yourself
  • Eat gently – a little bit of this, and a little bit of that
  • Walk
  • Love them all
  • Leave the leftovers for others – maybe have a leftover party and invite others
  • Reflect on your year – keep the best bits
  • Plant some seeds
  • Leave the Xmas tree lights on all night
  • Write your ‘my wellness journal’
  • Save the hype for another week

And with the heat, making us melt, here is a recipe from my wellness journal to keep you hydrated – ‘Refreshing Berry Water Recipe’. Keep a jug of this on the Christmas table for natural nourishment. And with the leftover melon and berries doesn’t a plate like this look a treat!

Love yourself with mighty mint, beneficial blueberries and mineral-rich melon.

Wishing you all a stress-free Christmas filled with merriness, relaxation, love, fun and, of course, good food and drink.

Nibble nuts, feel fruity, go environment green and treat yourself well.