Part 1 
Before you rush to the Doctor or Health shop for remedies chasing the ultimate sleep support ask your self the following questions – or you can send your answers to me in a private email ( if you wish, I’ll make some suggestions for you.
1. What medications (prescribed by GP or health supplements) am I taking each day?
2. What drinks in the day did I have? – Tea, coffee, alcohol
3. What foods did I eat in the day? We are all affected differently by various foods – eggs, grain(bread, cereal), spice, meat. Is there any foods I know I might react to? 
4. What physical activity did I do today? Walk, golf, drive long distance, fly?
5. Did I watch TV in bed until I fell asleep? Or turn it off in the lounge 5 minutes before I went to bed?
6. Did I bring my phone or laptop into the bedroom?
7. Am I a ‘like to be busy person’ ?
8. Did I wear any jewellery to bed?
9. When did I last get a new bed? Pillow? 
10. When did I last give my pillow an airing? In the dryer or hot water cupboard, or out in the sun?
11. What face cream did I put on before I got into bed?
12.  Do other people in the house or neighbourhood move around at night?

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