An overindulgence detox diet

Need to get over your indulgences of Christmas, New Year parties or even a hard weekend?

Want a simple system detox so you can feel refreshed, energetic and ready to go?

This is what I do for my overindulgence detox diet:

For 3-4 days eat as much as you like of the following:

  • Raw fruit of the season, yum berries, stone fruit and melons.
  • Raw nuts for protein and fat.
  • Vegetables – lettuce or cabbage salads with added veg and fruit like avocado, capsicum, and red onion, and add herbs like mint, basil and parsley.
  • For something warm a veg soup with lentils – no meat.
  • Drink heaps of water. Or blend some watermelon with ice for a fruit daiquiri.
  • Have a green vegetable juice with celery, mint, apple, cabbage, and pineapple.

Try not to eat the fruit after 2:00 pm. Just enjoy the vegetables, and then have more nuts in the afternoon.

If you have any questions or want more ideas or recipes for a system detox,
I’d love to hear from you.