1 cup of puffed millet
1.5 cups of mixed raw nuts – blended into chunks
1 cup of mixed seeds, sunflower, and pumpkin – blended to chunks
1/2 cup coconut flakes
3 tbsp chia seeds or golden linseeds
1/2 cup LSA
1 cup of gluten-free oats

1 cup of mixed dried fruit – I used persimmon, figs, dates, currants, cranberries

1/4 cup melted coconut oil
1 tbsp cinnamon powder
1/2 tsp nutmeg
2 tbsp of honey
1 tbsp grated fresh ginger

Process nuts and seeds in a blender until they’re in chunky bits. Add in LSA (ground linseed, sunflower seed and almonds) oats, puffed millet, coconut, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Blend together for a few seconds.
Mix melted coconut oil, honey, and fresh ginger together. Then add to the nut mixture, stirring to break up large lumps.
Spread onto baking paper on a baking tray. Toast in a moderate oven for 15 mins or until crunchy.
Combine with chopped dried fruit.
Store in a jar in the fridge.

Serve with yoghurt, apple sauce and a piece of fresh fruit. This is nice as sprinkles on top of fruit and yoghurt too.