if I share with u – a piece of MY journey – will YOU cut me some slack?
I wondered how I would do this ‘get my body better’ thing all by myself. 
When on a social outing the pressure to 
‘have a drink’ or 
‘go on, just try the pizza, it’s great’  felt HUGE.
I FELT I was letting people down because I was choosing not to eat and drink the stuff they put out for me. Or just as bad, we would be paying, if at a restaurant.
And eating out is/was my favourite thing. And drinking wine was even bigger. The whole scene actually.
I tried tricks -like accepting the wine and then tipping it into my darlings glass when no-one was watching – topping my glass up with water. I’d order a side salad and have 1 piece of pizza and eat the topping only, and cover my plate up with the serviette – and so on.
Sometimes the pressure was TOO MUCH and I just ate it. Or drank it.
Now heres the thing – it’s the trash talk I would give myself on the way home, or the next morning after a night of gut turmoil and upset.
So I taught myself to say –
“that was just a toilet stop” now give yourself a BREAK,
and “stop at the next scenery lookout.”
Whats the SCENE?
What have I achieved this week? 3-4 days no wine, 4-5 days no gluten/grains, 5-6 days no sugar (or whatever).
Anyway -it all added up – the small differences made the BIG difference.
Nope. Something always comes up. But my resilience has quadrupled.
And I enjoy the journey way MORE.

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