750ml of raw milk – organic preferred, can be homogenised
1+1/2 tbsp of natural yoghurt – organic, no additives like sugar, flavouring etc
2 tbsp of milk powder – optional 
Heat the milk until it just starts to froth or rise in the pot  
Leave to cool for 20-25 minutes.
Skim the top
Add the yoghurt
Place in a sealed jar, wrap with a towel, and sit on top of the hot water cylinder – or any other really warm place.
After about 6 hours – check thickness – leave longer for thicker consistency – the longer you leave the more tart it becomes.
Then – take off 1 1/2 tbsp for your next batch – use a jar, place in the fridge.
If you like keep half for unflavoured yoghurt
To the other half add
2 tsp of vanilla extract, the best you can get
1 tbsp of the best maple syrup or runny honey.
and put in the fridge.

Yummy as.

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