This curried chicken salad is another clever recipe from GrowEatHeal. Lift your healthy salad to a whole new level.

Mix 2 tbsp of your favourite curry powder with enough lemon or lime juice to make a nice paste – in a small container suitable for the fridge.
Slice 1 whole chicken breast (organic) up and put in with the curry, turning over and over until coated. Place in fridge for 5mins to 1 hour (as it suits)
Prepare a salad
  • Lettuce – handful per person
  • Grate and combine, equal quantities of raw daikon (Japanese turnip), carrot and beetroot, and ginger to taste
  • Cucumber sliced
  • Tomato sliced – 1 per person
  • Plate up for each person – spreading the vegetables around the plate to look nice
Boil a small amount (allow 1/2 cup person) of edamame noodles or wild rice as you prefer.
When ready – use 2 tbsp sesame oil in a pan and cook the chicken pieces.
Serve noodles and chicken on top of the salad
With 200mls of coconut cream, deglaze the pan you cooked the chicken in. When the cream is nicely coloured and bubbling, pour it over the chicken and salad.


Serves 3-4 people.