Has anyone asked you if you have made a new years resolution? I’ve felt the pressure from others previously, to come up with some amazing New Years resolution. Last year I thought that this was something I did last century, and my choices were wiser now all year, and I didn’t need to think about a NYR.

I know right – life sometimes pretends to be perfect.

The thing for 2017 was; I had no idea what was coming at me. No indication of what loved ones would do. A whole bunch of unknown changes, adversity, and that was enough to set the stress mongers going. What are my stress mongers? they are the movie makers in my mind. The stories I create and play out when I cant sleep at night. Or in my daydreams as well.

So this year, since it’s the beginning, I’m taking time to reflect on life. What am I doing? why am I doing it? can I do it differently? is it serving me well? is it serving others well?

I’m thinking it would be good to say – I’ve got this – you know, set my goals, write them down, be specific, and then take action or steps each day and enjoy the manifestation. But that seems too much. Cant it be enough to say ‘make this year a good one?’