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Health & Wellness Plans

The busier you are, the harder it is to find time to take care of yourself, and so those healthy eating intentions go out the window. As your personal diet and health coach, I’ll help you learn to shop, grow, prepare, and eat tasty, healthy food. Our healthy eating tips, healthy diet coaching support, and recipes will teach you to heal from the inside out, setting you up with good eating habits for life.


This plan is ideal to evaluate where you are at – on your health journey.

What you get;

  • 60 minute consultation with Jocelyn
  • the book – ‘my wellness journal’ (author Jocelyn J Murray), bursting with top tips on food, recipes and 16 weeks of journalling pages
  • A comprehensive ‘discovery’ report includes recommendations of initial changes and ideal food choices.
  • We’ll openly discuss your particular health worries or issues you want to understand.

NZ $89

30 Day Skin & Body Detox

The beginning of a healthier you. A simple, five-step process that you can do at your own pace, in your own time, to find your healthiest self.

What you get;

  • Online healthy meal planning strategies
  • An online recipe catalogue  
  • Your very own – ‘my wellness journal’ (author Jocelyn J Murray), bursting with top tips on food, recipes and 16 weeks of journalling pages
  • Our online  ‘How I feel’ ‘My Journey’ health tracker

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Fitgenes DNA test

Unlock your DNA health -Discover a better way to eat for life.

DNA testing is a pathway more people are following toward better general health, now and into the years ahead. Fitgenes DNA test can not only give you personalised solutions to manage immediate challenges like weight loss or food sensitivities, our genetic tests and programs also address long-term personal goals relating to healthy ageing and lifestyle.

Functional Lab Testing

Lab testing takes the mystery out of whats going on inside your body. Parasites and bacteria – both good and bad will be identified. We can quickly identify allergies and intolerances to food. Tests show issues to specifically work on to help prepare your personalised health plan.

Tests will also identify gut/chemical/hormonal/nutritional imbalances which may need attention.

If you think you are eating well, and doing everything else possible to make health improvements, but find it difficult to get results, functional lab testing may help identify the issues contributing to your struggles.

Note: complex chemical or nutritional imbalances may require referral onto a relevant practitioner or medical Doctor.

Grow Eat Heal offers an additional range of functional pathology lab tests

(price on request) looking at:

  • Food Intolerances
  • Amino Acids Profiling
  • Thyroid Hormone Profile
  • Hormone Profiles
  • Mthfr Gene Mutation
  • Sibo Breath Test
  • Sleep Profile (Cortisol and Melatonin)
  • Neurotransmitter Profiles
  • Health and Wellbeing Genetic Profile
  • Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (For Inflammation Markers, Absorption Markers, Tumour Markers, Yeast, Fungus and Parasites)

We work with NutriSEARCH – The widest range of functional pathology testing in NZ


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