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My food journey has brought me here: growing, eating, healing.




Sharing Good Healthy Food

I am lucky enough to live in Gulf Harbour at the end of Auckland’s Whangaparaoa peninsula. We are surrounded by sea, sand and regional park where I can feel the wide, open spaces and put my feet in the ocean on my daily walks.

I seem to have a keen green touch in the garden and we have a well-established, thriving vegetable garden that keeps the household in spray-free, fresh herbs and vegetables. I eat good, clean whole food, a wide variety of greens, bright fruits, herbs and spices and I know where it all comes from. If I don’t grow it, I try to visit the farm, or talk to the grower, at their market table.

I’m here today because my family has encouraged me to find a way to share my story with others: to help people achieve their ideal weight, eat to live well and share good, healthy food with their loved ones.

As a certified health and wellness coach, I want to share useful tips, recipes and ideas about food with others to helps us all on our journey towards being well and feeling alive.

Feel healthy, energised and confident as you eat your way back to good health.

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Feeding your face – tips for winter skin care

Feeding your face – tips for winter skin care

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I got Covid and survived

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