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Healing your body with food

Be well, look good, feel great and get the rewards from life

that optimum health can give you.

Eat for health and learn how to provide yourself with the food and actions that give your body what it needs for peak function.

Shop, grow, prepare and eat everyday fresh foods to help you heal from the inside out.


Grow-eat-heal range of herbal teas and good food products

Teas, artisan herbal teas (blended in house), other amazing tea blends including NZ Oku blended ‘Kawakawa’, Love Tea, and Pukka are stocked by us. We offer foods like black garlic (whole bulbs processed in house).

We are proudly NZ Distributors for Changing Habits(click here to go to website) range

of organic products, probiotics, minerals and more.

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  • balms – wild & free – kawakawa

  • black garlic

  • black garlic 35gms

  • bloat ‘eze’- loose leaf organic herb tea blend

  • body balms – wild & free

  • Sale!

    chamomile – loose leaf organic herb tea

  • dandelion – loose leaf organic herb tea

  • darjeeling – loose leaf organic tea

  • Sale!

    Denby handmade mug

  • DNA test kit – Fitgenes – Health & Wellbeing

  • earl grey – loose leaf organic tea herb blend – single pack

  • earl grey – loose leaf organic tea herb blend -subscription $8 per packet

    $8.00 / month for 3 months

Feel healthy, energised and confident as you eat your way back to good health.

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