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Artisan herbal tea blends – organic hand blended  

Grow Eat Heal Artisan Tea Range

The Grow Eat Heal artisan herbal tea blends use organic or wildcrafted dried herbs – leaves, flowers, and roots – designed for home use and formulated to achieve the highest quality in taste and therapeutics. All the blends have been created and blended by studying herbalist and functional nutrition consultant, Jocelyn J Murray.

Hand Blended Teas

I hand blend and hand pack all our herbal teas, here in New Zealand, in small batches to ensure optimal freshness and potency.

The herbs are carefully sourced locally and globally; my philosophy is to use herbs that grow in abundance, gathered in the relevant season, and I’m conscious of their origins. I use certified organic herbs and my teas are free of synthetic or natural flavourings and additives, without exception.

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  • bloat ‘eze’- loose leaf organic herb tea blend

  • Sale!

    chamomile – loose leaf organic herb tea

  • dandelion – loose leaf organic herb tea

  • darjeeling – loose leaf organic tea

  • earl grey – loose leaf organic tea herb blend – single pack

  • earl grey – loose leaf organic tea herb blend -subscription $8 per packet

    $8.00 / month for 3 months
  • earl grey blue – loose leaf organic tea blend

  • evening calm – loose leaf organic herb tea blend

  • evening calm – loose leaf organic herb tea blend -subscription $10 per pack

    $10.00 / month for 3 months
  • Sale!

    everyday combo – save 30% – loose leaf organic herb tea blends

    From $5.95
  • hair, skin & nails- loose leaf organic herb tea blend

  • heart & soul – loose leaf organic herb tea blend


Quality and sustainability matter to me.

I believe in treating people and the planet with love. Ingredients and packaging are selected with the planet in mind.

I use only high quality, certified organic flowers, leaves, seeds, fruits and rhizomes using knowledge gained from experience as a natural health therapist. The natural flavours of these wonderful herbs and teas are blended carefully to create beautiful and fine flavours with a therapeutic quality.

I skilfully craft, blend and pack each of our products in Gulf Harbour, NZ.

I thoughtfully create the recipes for blends of each of my unique products, to ensure optimum therapeutic benefit, exceptional flavour and minimal impact on the environment.

My vision is to treasure each moment, appreciate each other, take care of your health, and in turn the health of our planet.

Always seek professional advice before drinking herbal teas if you are pregnant have an ongoing health condition or are taking medication. The information on this website does not seek to diagnose, prescribe or replace the advice of a trained medical or other health professional.

Feel healthy, energised and confident as you eat your way back to good health.

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