Rapadura sugar – 1kg


  • 100% unrefined sugar cane – rapadura sugar is recognised for its delicious caramel flavour, fine grain texture and golden colour
  • Rapadura can be used in place of white, raw or brown sugar in any recipe
  • Retains natural vitamins and minerals, and packed in convenient resealable pouch for optimum freshness
  • Produced organically and does not contain chemicals, bleaching or anti-caking agents.
  • Rapadura can also be called panela, raspadura, chancaca or piloncillo depending on where it is made

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Sugar, but better for you – the Changing Habits whole food way! Because Rapadura is not separated from the molasses (unlike lots of other sugars) and is not subject to being heated at high temperatures (it is dehydrated at a low heat), it retains its natural vitamins and minerals. Rapadura Sugar is recognised for its delicious caramel flavour, its fine grain texture and golden colour. It can be used in place of white, raw or brown sugar in any recipe.

For many years, Cyndi O’Meara from Changing Habits has recommended including natural sugar as part of a healthy diet. Our Organic Rapadura Sugar is unrefined cane sugar sourced from the Valle region in Western Columbia. It is pressed and naturally dried at low temperatures to maintain nutritional properties and there is no other processing involved – unlike other sugars that can be highly processed, refined and bleached. Rapadura is the pure juice extracted from the sugar cane (using a press), which is then evaporated over a low heat, while being stirred with paddles, then ground to produce a grainy sugar. It has not been cooked at high heats nor spun to change it into crystals and the molasses has not been separated from the sugar. It is produced organically, and does not contain chemicals or anti-caking agents.

Rapadura can also be called Panela, Raspadura, Chancaca or Piloncillo, depending on where it is made. Rapadura is a whole food product which can vary according to sugar cane variety, soil type and weather. This is why one batch of Rapadura may be lighter or darker than the last batch.

Rapadura syrup – known as maleo syrup, is made by combining filtered water with Changing Habits Rapadura Sugar. It is heated on a very low temperature so as not to destroy any of the nutrition. Use this syrup in baking, smoothies and in raw desserts. Use 2 cups of Rapadura sugar to 1 cup of water – dissolve in a saucepan on low heat or in Thermomix for 5 minutes at 50 degrees C. Pour into glass jar and store in fridge.


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