OKU tea – NZ wild crafted kawakawa herb tea blend – tea bags -DISCOUNTED


15 tea bags

Blended from organic and wild crafted herbs. Completely natural bases with no preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

Unique blends of herbs utilising the incredible properties of New Zealand native plants.

Choose the blend that suits your needs now.


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Pure  – 100% Wildcrafted Kawakawa Pure gives you the full benefit of the exceptional tonic actions of Kawakawa. Traditionally used for many common ailments that include supporting and improving circulatory, digestive and rheumatic complaints, it was also thought of as a very restorative and mildly cleansing herb. Commonly called the Pepper Tree, Kawakawa has a unique taste that can be described as sweet, warming and invigorating, sure to give your taste buds a tingling! Beyond Organic = Wildcrafted!



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