OKU tea – NZ wild crafted kawakawa herb tea blend


Blended from organic and wild crafted herbs. Completely natural bases with no preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

Unique blends of herbs utilising the incredible properties of New Zealand native plants.

Choose the blend that suits your needs now.


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Pure  – 100% Wildcrafted Kawakawa Pure gives you the full benefit of the exceptional tonic actions of Kawakawa. Traditionally used for many common ailments that include supporting and improving circulatory, digestive and rheumatic complaints, it was also thought of as a very restorative and mildly cleansing herb. Commonly called the Pepper Tree, Kawakawa has a unique taste that can be described as sweet, warming and invigorating, sure to give your taste buds a tingling! Beyond Organic = Wildcrafted!

Digest – A warming and soothing tea that can be drunk anytime but is especially useful after meals to assist digestion. Both Kawakawa and Peppermint have been traditionally used as digestive tonics that help to ease any indigestion or aftereffects of overindulgence, combining the NZ Native Hoheria which has remarkable digestive healing properties. Finishing the blend with the amazing anti-nausea and warming digestive actions of ginger ensures you are in safe hands with this blend.

Energise – An invigorating and energising tea that is perfect as a morning beverage or anytime you want or need a lift. The fantastic warming tonic properties of Kawakawa are combined with the mild uplifting antioxidant qualities of Green Tea. Rounding off the formula is the soft sweetness of Licorice and a subtle hint of Ginger.

Restore – brings together a remarkable blend of NZ Native herbs that combine Karamu, Kawakawa, Manuka & Kumarahou along with the spiciness of Cinnamon & the highly nutritive tonic benefits of Nettles. Together they create a unique combination of therapeutic herbs that offer qualities that may assist with blood sugar regulation and other amazing strengthening & cleansing properties. This tea can be used as part of a detox or cleansing regime or as a daily regulating and restorative tonic.

Manuka –  is most well-known for its honey made from the flower, however it was traditionally used as a tea replacement by early settlers in New Zealand. They used the incredibly fragrant leaf that contains the potent properties of the Manuka essential oil. This blend balances the pure taste of Manuka with hints of Spearmint and Lemon Peel that lends citrus minty tones to this unique NZ plant.Ingredients: Wildcrafted Manuka Leaf (67%), Organic Spearmint, Organic Lemon Peel Powder

Protect –   (previously named Immune ) – A beautifully fragrant tea that combines the best of NZ bush with dynamic traditional herbs. This tea is all about protecting and supporting you naturally when you need it most. From the wonderfully versatile Kawakawa to Manuka’s robust properties, the addition of the delicate but remarkable Elderflower, and the sweet supporting qualities of Rosehips. Together these herbs create a very special blend.  Ingredients: Wildcrafted Kawakawa (27%), Organic Rosehips, Wildcrafted Manuka (23%), Organic Elderflower, Organic Licorice


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