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These beautiful handcrafted 100% Natural Balm’s are made from natural products.

65gms jar

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Wild & Free Kawakawa balm is made of simple and natural ingredients, suitable for all skin types. Part of the traditional Māori Rongoā and grown in beautiful Makarau NZ, this amazing plant has so many holistic healing properties and is so versatile it can be used for many things including;

  • Scrapes and cuts
  • Soothing insect bites and stings,
  • Skin rashes, nappy rash, general skin irritation
  • As a face moisturizer, Lip balm or Eye cream,
  • Eczema, Cradle Cap,
  • Wounds, Burns, Sunburn
  • Tattoos,
  • Its a must in the first aid kit!
  • 65gms


Kawakawa sunscreen

This beautifully handcrafted sunscreen has a SPF 25-30 UVA & UVB protection, it is gentle and natural. The best protection from the sun, however, is to seek shade and wear clothes and a hat.

This lush Sunscreen has added kawakawa for skin health making it so beautiful, skin feels soft and lush. Peppermint adds that refreshing summer smell and is cooling and soothing on the skin, it also adds extra SPF.

contains; Beeswax, Organic Shea butter, Zinc Oxide (Non-Nano and not micronized; this means the particles of the zinc powder are large enough to sit on the skin and achieve their purpose (sunblock, reduce acne and rashes, soothe redness, etc.) instead of being absorbed into the bloodstream.

Pharmaceutical Grade means free of lead, mercury and metals; our zinc oxide is mined and packaged in the Netherlands to ensure product integrity. Zinc oxide is a powdered mineral that sits on top of the skin, scattering, reflecting, and absorbing UVA & UVB rays. We feel that zinc oxide is the safest and most effective sunscreen. The best protection from the sun, however, is to seek shade and wear clothes and a hat.


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