Inca Inchi plant protein powder – 500gm


$9.90 / 100g (Serving size 10g)


Our Organic Inca Inchi Protein Powder is a great source of plant protein! Sourced from the seeds of the Inca Inchi plant, indigenous to the Peruvian Amazon Forest, it is fantastic for the family on the run and a great real food alternative to chemical-based whey proteins. Real food, the Changing Habits way.


* Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Egg Free, Grain Free, Vegan

Our story… why we source and supply Inca Inchi Protein Powder

Wanting to provide a very high quality, pure, chemical free protein powder for her family, Cyndi O’Meara from Changing Habits was unable to find a source in Australia. After searching many countries, we saw the Inca Inchi plant grown and harvested in Peru by an ethical company that met our strict organic ‘real food’ requirements.

History of Inca Inchi

Inca Inchi is also known as Sacha Inchi and has been called one of nature’s most impressive superfoods. The Inca Inchi plant is indigenous to the Peruvian Amazon Forest and produces small seeds that are extremely rich in high quality, nutritious oils and protein.  The seeds is pressed to separate the oil, leaving the powder which is a natural plant based source of inca inchi powder. The qualities that set this protein powder apart from others is that it gives us the essential and non essential amino acids –plus vitamins and minerals in one natural product with no high temperature processing and preservatives or chemical alteration of the food. Over 10 years ago, there was no such thing as inca inchi / sacha inchi powder. Nobody knew about this seed and the potential it had for industrialization. Indigenous people from the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest only knew that its name was inca inchi, which means ‘Almond of the Inca’ (this information comes direct from our source).

Our Inca Inchi story

Unable to source a pure protein powder from Australia, for many months we searched various countries including Peru where we saw the Inca Inchi plant grown and harvested by an ethical company that met our strict organic ‘real food’ requirements.

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