black garlic 35gms


A delicious condiment – black garlic.

35gms of peeled cloves in a screw top jar -very convenient.


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Fresh garlic with no additives or marinade, processed in a chamber that controls the temperature and humidity for many days.
The outcome is delicious garlic, which has a sweet pickled taste and is ideal as a condiment to cheese, fish or meat.
As they say; the proof is in the tasting.

The known health benefits are many.

Mareeba Black Garlic’ are specialists in creating ‘Black Garlic’ to a unique tropical taste and recipe. Black garlic is often incorrectly called fermented or caramalised garlic.  ‘Mareeba Black Garlic’ does NOT involve any microbial processes to change the natural sugars … as is done with fermentation.   ‘Mareeba Black Garlic’ uses the garlic’s own natural sugars and amino acids to create a doubling of antioxidants and greatly increasing health benefits over a 90 day plus period. No additives are used.

‘Mareeba Black Garlic’  is truly a powerhouse spice and condiment with the following health benefits.