Ingredients (for 1 bowlful/person)
2 dried figs
8 dried pitted dates
2 handfuls rolled oats – pure
25 grams tofu -or as you like
sprinkle of your favourite seed mix (chia, linseed, flaxseed etc)
yoghurt – unsweetened, low fat
Chop the figs and dates into small pieces, add to saucepan with a small amount of water. Boil until partially soft. Add the rolled oats and top up the pot with water to cover. Boil until oats are soft and soaked up most of the water, add more water if needed.
At the last minute throw in your seed mix.
Serve into a bowl which has the tofu cut and spread across the bottom.
Pour over yoghurt to suit.

Eat and lick the bowl.

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