not that long ago – I figured out that the food I ate irritated my bowel immediately- AND caused the ugly merry-go-round of disrupted hormone levels and mind changing issues, like paranoia, anxiety and, terrible moods, all at the same time. Sometimes I felt huge DESPAIR and wondered if I had some dreaded disease. Other times I was beside myself and would rather just DIE from this disease.
To say the least the BIGMAC combo I’d ordered wasn’t the hangover cure it used to be. Especially not on a drive thru anyway. I’d have to park myself seconds from the bathroom door. And be prepared to go 3 times, minimum. AND THEN I would say
‘oh its just the food and wine combo last night thats upsetting me -remind me not to eat that together again.’
BUT there were times when I’d eat the KIWIBURGER not to cure a hangover – and still couldn’t do the drive thru. BIG TROUBLE.
SO…I just had to get off the trolley. The 1st thing I stopped eating was – BigMac’s and all other SANDWICHES. No toast for breakfast, no muffins for morning tea, no sandwiches for lunch, no crackers for afternoon tea and no pasta for dinner.
what did I EAT NOW then?
change, change, change…….
Some was easy -fruit for breakfast, then I learned about smoothies. Porridge was ok too, with fruit, homemade yoghurt and nut sprinkles.
Snacks were tricky – coffee without the muffin? not the same right?
Well it gets easier, and I LEARNED lots more about food.
because I’m a DIY kind of person I made up a lot of my own recipes and tried different things.
And I used this recipe book too.

Changing Habits Recipe Book

I hope you can be inspired to start with the change. And be WELL.

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