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that optimum health can give you.

Eat for health and learn how to provide yourself with the food and actions that give your skin and body what it needs for peak functionality.

Shop, grow, prepare and eat everyday fresh foods to help you heal from the inside out.


Grow Eat Heal’s product range 

We create herb teas (blended in house) using organic dried herbs from around the world – visit our tea shop here 

We stock and deliver direct to your door 


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  • Seaweed Salt – 250g jar

  • Seaweed Salt – 500 gm pack

  • sencha green tea – organic loose leaf

  • Sale!

    skincare food supplements pack

    From $10.20
  • sniffle’eze’- loose leaf organic herb tea blend

  • Spices Pack – 5 x 100gm spices

  • Super Reds 120gm -organic

  • Sale!

    Super reds smoothie pack

    From $28.80
  • Supergreens powder 200gm -organic

  • Supergreens Ultra Biome 200gm -organic

  • Supreme Green Blend – 200g

  • Sale!

    tea flask-brew as you go-500ml – on sale


Feel healthy, energised and confident as you eat your way back to optimum skin and body health.

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