Eating raw rhubarb is OK and here are 5 reasons why.

I juiced raw rhubarb to make a juice smoothie – which is a juice blended with a bunch of foods like avocado, banana, mint, seeds or whatever you feel like.
So, here’s the thing:
rhubarb for health1. Rhubarb is a vegetable, often classified as a fruit, because we eat the stem (or root or leaf). A fruit is a seed-bearing part of a plant that develops from the ovary of a flowering plant. How about using it without the necessary sweetener. When adding it to a selection of vegies for juicing its perfect. 
2. Its high in Vitamin K -which helps your blood to clot, and for healthy bones. Also contains good levels of calcium which unfortunately the body can’t fully utilise as in rhubarb its bound to oxalates (anti-nutrient, not good for some folks’ joints or if you are a kidney stone sufferer). This oxalic acid gives the rhubarb its sourness. Interesting?
3. High antioxidants from Vitamin C and A, maybe even higher than kale – which can limit neuronal damage in the brain, even to the point of Alzheimer’s prevention.
3. Eating it raw is ok, and it actually provides higher levels of nutrients than when cooked – just don’t eat the leaves – they’re poisonous.
4. Raw rhubarb has great fibre content, so really good for digestion,
5. Contributes to healthy skin, improved vision, and a potential cancer protection.

6. When thinly sliced or diced, perhaps with a little honey to mellow out its tart bite if you prefer, raw rhubarb can add serious crunch to a dish and a bolt of tangy flavour.

Was that more than 5 reasons to eat raw rhubarb? – excellent.
If you would like more information about rhubarb or other great raw food recipes, get in touch. I’m always here to help.