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Shop, grow, prepare and eat tasty, healthy food. Our easy healthy recipes use good, clean whole food, a wide variety of greens, bright fruits, herbs and spices. Heal yourself from the inside out. Eating for life couldn’t be easier.

where lies the secret to living forever

‘Living forever’ The eternal fountain of youth has escaped humans for centuries. This has  been curbed by the idea or belief of ‘the afterlife’. Great Kings, Emperor’s and Pharaohs of the world, for centuries, have gone to lavish extents to secure their safety in the...

Winter – keep healthy – drink herbal teas

When it comes to winter, its often mid winter when we start to wilt a little from the colder days and nights. Looking for something to warm you and aid any winter chills? these tea blends are perfect. Immunity tea: Herbs chosen to strengthen and support healthy immune...

DESS – how to live to 100 years old

DESS - what does this mean? Diet. Exercise. Sleep. Stress. The 4 pillars of good health, in my book anyway. If you take care of these 4 pillars you are on your way to achieving optimum health. We all hope to enjoy physical and cognitive life well into our 90's, maybe...

Calendula – flower or herb? this seasons crop

Calendula is a flowering plant I have been fond of since I was a small child because my mother fancied them, and she always planted a row along the pathway to the back door. I'm sure its because they are bright, and hardy, as well as therapeutic, and we just loved...

Feel healthy, energised, and confident as you eat your way back to good health.

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